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Providing Doors and Door Hardware to Visalia, Farmersville, Exeter, Lindsay, Porterville, Hanford, Tulare and Woodlake. We serve all of Tulare County. We also carry moldings for base, crowns, widows and doors.

Since 1978, homeowners and custom home builders have looked to NBS as a reputable supplier of premium doors, hardware and locksets. Catering primarily to the custom home market, we carry a wide selection of quality products to meet the needs and tastes of discerning buyers. High-end contractors and builders have learned over the years that they can recommend our products with confidence. Homeowners rely on NBS to replace or upgrade existing doors, and our extensive selection of trim moldings allows the finished project to blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of the home.

Our service is second to none. We prefer to take the initial measurements on each door project, because every situation is unique. Utilizing our years of experience ensures that the end user will be thoroughly satisfied with the fit and finish of each door, hinge, latch and lock.

National Builder Supply

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Contrary to popular belief, big box stores do not provide the same quality products at a lower price. To meet contract pricing, their suppliers are forced to downgrade products with cheaper materials that compromise their lifespan and serviceability.

“There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price alone are that person’s lawful prey.”  

— Sir John Ruskin